BK CHEESE CAVES // cheese cultures with david asher


Cheese caves in New York? Who knew! I attended a Slow Food NYC event featuring homestead cheese maker David Asher, author of The Art of Natural Cheesemaking. David hosted a lecture in the Crown Finish Caves in Brooklyn, NY (not too far from the Franklin Ave stop). Checkout the photo story below to see what the night was like:

1. Walk down a spiral staircase 30ft underground

2. Nosh on healthy snacks from Slow Food NYC
3. Enjoy the band before the event begins with a drink in hand
4. Meet the man of the hour, that’s David Asher! 5. Touch and smell the kefir grains, they can withstand all types of bacteria. 6. Smell this piece of old bread that can start a bleu cheese culture. 7. ASK QUESTIONS! I asked, “For those of us who do not have cheese caves or basements, is it possible to make these cultures and cheese? Can we use a wine refrigerator?” David Asher says its still possible to create environments in a NYC studio apt. The answer is detailed, best to take his workshops! 8. Run into friends, this is Chef Cesare Casella! 9. Get in line for food prepared by Pixie and Scout- the beef was phenomenal! 10. Eat your vegetables… 11. Eat more beef… I literally ate all of that… and more cheese.
12. Finish your drink, then head home to start culturing kefir. 


If you are curious or have a passion for cheese, The Art of Natural Cheesemaking is for you! It’s easy to read. SERIOUSLY! Through trial and error, Davis shares his story in an accessible manner. I already started to make kefir (fermented yogurt) with kefir grains David gifted us at the workshop. Plus, I love that fermentation genius, Sandor Ellis Katz wrote the foreward for the book. Loving this book by David Asher. Thank you for hosting Crown Finish Caves and SLOW FOOD NYC!

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