THE WELLNESS LOUNGE // allergy relief with david kennet


Last month NY Yoga Life Magazine was invited to an event called The Wellness Lounge! It’s an opportunity to meet one-on-one with holistic specialists based in NYC who provide mini treatments at the event!

I enjoyed meeting all of the featured businesses at The Wellness Lounge, but one specialist stood out to me… and that was David Kennet of SB Allergies!

WHAT DOES DAVID KENNET DO? David offers a treatment called “Immune System Reboot” (ISR), and uses a variety of techniques to help the body adapt to intolerances (ex: food allergies, animal allergies, mosquito bites, and much more). He has glass vials of allergenic substances and performs a simple muscle test (on your hand) to determine which vials affect your system. If you’ve ever been to an allergist, think of the prick tests; it’s the same concept except David doesn’t use needles or drugs.

WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AN ALLERGIST & DAVID KENNET? Based on my personal experiences, both are trained individuals who are trying to relieve allergy symptoms by adapting intolerances the patient may have. However there are two differences: David’s approach is painless, but may not be covered by your insurance; while the allergists method will involve needle pricking, but it may be covered by your insurance.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF ISR? The Immune System Reboot is painless and immediate. David does not use needles and will not inject you with allergens. Instead, he uses the vials by placing the glass against your skin to test your intolerance. If he sees that you are weak during the muscle test, he will use that vial during the treatment to re-educate the system. Please note that are you not directly in contact or ingesting the liquid from the vials!

WHAT HAPPENS DURING AN “ISR” TREATMENT? Once David performs the muscle test with your fingers, David places the glass vials on your body and balances the nervous system with holistic techniques (craniosacral therapy, sound healing and acupressure). If you do yoga, you’re basically laying down in savasana while listening to David’s voice. When the treatment is over, David explains that the body will no longer see the allergen(s) or intolerance(s) as a threat.

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF ISR? I’ve suffered from allergies my entire life and it’s very uncomfortable. I’ve done the prick tests, I’ve done the shots, and I carry Zyrtec-D in my purse just incase I have an allergic reaction. I personally think ISR is a game changer. I like the fact that I do not have to introduce chemicals into my body and it is specific to my needs (David tells me that some of his patients who are allergic to cats will bring him hair from a specific cat that is bothering them). Also, if I were to relocate to a different state I think it could be very beneficial to receive treatments from David Kennet (in person or via skype) to adapt to my surroundings more comfortably… so if you are suffering from allergies and in need of relief, check out SB Allergies and contact David Kennet directly!



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