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Love to cook, but you don’t know how?

The Up Beet Kitchen provides customers with healthy, nutritious recipes to create meals in their own kitchen. Think of it as online home-ec or a more affordable pre-requiste to culinary school.

Homecooks and aspiring young chefs will love this program because The Up Beet Kitchen gives you tools to be self-sufficent in the kitchen (and to be perfectly honest the hardest part about the program is getting the motivation to cook; the rest is smooth sailing)!

The Up Beet Kitchen is for you if…

  • you enjoy cooking at home
  • you love learning how to cook
  • you have a basic understanding of culinary terminology (ex: sauté)
  • you don’t mind measuring ingredients and cooking on your own
  • you want to eat healthier meals at home to control the ingredients in your food (for you and your family)

Based on my personal experience with The Up Beet Kitchen, I loved the fact that they linked the grocery list to a home delivery service. Living in NYC and carrying heavy bags of groceries is a total turn off. Instead of ordering take-out, ordering groceries and having it delivered within the hour was revolutionary- thanks Instacart!

While purchasing the ingredients, I checked the cabinets to see if I had any of these ingredients in the house (and surprisingly I had quite a few)! Once I placed my order I watched a short video of Chef Nic preparing the dish and then I tracked my ingredient delivery online (if you choose not to have your groceries delivered, just make a list the next time you head to the grocery store to have them in advance or pull it up on your phone)!

What I loved about The Up Beet Kitchen experience:

  • easy to shop grocery list is linked to home delivery services
  • healthy meal options
  • simple ingredients with bold flavors
  • easy to follow instructions

Things to consider:

  • taste as you go, the recipes are general guidelines, but you are the chef!
  • becareful not to purchase items you already have in your cabinet; otherwise you’ll be buying a lot of salt and oil each time you order ingredients!
  • sometimes the grocery store may not have the ingredients listed, be flexible and improvise!
  • and sometimes ordering ingredients takes longer than cooking them (I definitely added popcorn and a few other items to my cart)
  • if you can do your own grocery shopping, head to the farmers market for fresh produce

Would I recommend this program? I would recommend this program to someone who is a beginner or someone who’d like to expand their boundaries with unfamiliar dishes. I was a little hesitant to purchase pre-chopped garlic when I could purchase whole garlic at the farmers market, but I understand the convenience aspect.

Overall I think the recipes are basic enough with a high wow factor for anyone who wants to learn how to put together a great meal. I even have leftovers to make this twice! If you’d like to try this recipe, go here or get a free week of recipes here!


Support The Up Beet Kitchen! They’re on KICKSTARTER for a few more days and already reached their $20K Kickstarter goal, congrats Chef Nic and team!



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