HUMBL-ED DINNER // whole farm dinner feat. bodhitree farm


Compagnie Des Vins Surnaturels is a gorgeous winebar in NoHo known for delicious bites, exquisite wines and sommakase wine tastings by Head Sommelier, Caleb Ganzer.

This past January, Compagnie kicked off their first HUMBL-ED dinner series featuring Bodhitree Farm of New Jersey. The HUMBL-ED name was inspired by Dan Barber’s food education dinner program Wast-ED, however Compagnie is not working with wasted material, they’re bringing attention to true farm to table experiences.

The restaurant works with one farmer and hosts a one-night-only dinner experience. The menu is created with seasonal ingredients provided by the farmer – no exceptions. For those of you who are familiar with winter produce, this is no easy feat. The HUMBL-ED concept not only supports local farmers, it puts an emphasis on what people should be eating right now.

For the launch of HUMBL-ED, Head Chef Eric Bolyard and Jaime Young collaborated with Bodhitree Farm (also located at Union Sq Greenmarket on Wed/Fri) and created a menu highlighting root vegetables and old hens, paired with wines from the Finger Lakes 2012, 2014. Upon arrival, the diners did not receive a menu when they were seated, each course was a surprise (full menus were given at dessert for the reveal of each dish), however I popped into the kitchen before the dinner began and got a sneak peek of their prep list…

SNACKS // bordeux radish and brown butter, kale millefeuille with almond butter + balsamic + calabrian chili, fried elephant garlic taproot + cellared pepper romesco, old hen bouillon + toasted elephant garlic + caramelized wintered young onion

FIRST COURSE // Charred bordeux radish, egg yolk jam, beet jus

SECOND COURSE // salad of Winter Stems, aleppo oil, buttermilk

THIRD COURSE // Swiss Chard Canneloni, braised old hen, leaf jus, cured egg yolk

FOURTH COURSE // Roasted white sweet potato, hazelnut dijon, braised elephant garlic

FIFTH COURSE // Sweet potato rice pudding, sherry currant, spiced meringue

HUMBL-ED MEAL // To be given a few sweet potatoes, a bunch of kale, radishes, elephant taproot and old hens, it was incredible to see how far they were able to transform each ingredient. Would you ever think to pair a sweet potato with hazelnut dijon? I kid you not, that dish alone had the potential to turn me into a vegetarian. The thought and execution put into each dish was mind blowing – from the kale millefeuille (thousand layers) to the charred bordeux radish and all the way to the sweet potato rice pudding.

OVERALL // Farm to table has changed over the past few years and it’s somewhat convoluted. Farm to table should be food that speaks for itself, and I have to say that the HUMBL-ED Bodhitree dinner did just that with each bite. I tasted the freshness of the ingredient and the integrity of the actual vegetable.

If you have the opportunity to dine at one of the HUMBL-ED wine pairings and dinners by Compagnie Des Vins Surnaturels, I highly recommend you book a seat. Each course will be a surprise that will delight (and potentially trick) your senses with whole, natural ingredients. Check out their events page and the next time you stop in for dinner and a glass of wine, inquire about the next HUMBL-ED event.


La Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels

249 Centre Street
New York, NY 10013

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