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RED STAR TOTS & MORE: Don’t get off the “F” Train until Bergen St.

I’ve lived in Manhattan for years and rarely go into Brooklyn. My Dad warned me that anywhere in Brooklyn is considered the jungle… and well, it’s been a decade+ since my Dad has been on the scene, so I’m here to talk about my trip into “the jungle”. First off, the jungle does not exist. It’s full […]


COCHON 555: NEW PORC CITY WINNER & all the things…

So my friend Greg judged a little something called COCHON 555 last year and it’s all about promoting sustainable farming for heritage breed pigs (cochon is the french word for piglets and some other descriptions, the more you know). COCHON 555 originated 7 years ago and it’s a one-of-a-kind traveling culinary competition and tasting event – five chefs, five […]


GURUNANDA. Oil-pulling is still in.

Remember when everyone discovered oil pulling and it started trending last year? Well, it’s still in and it’s been a thing since, oh-I-don’t-know… 5,000 years ago… Oil pulling is an ancient form of Ayurvedic practice based on the idea that self healing is optimum when the three doshas (pitta, vata, kapha) are balanced. Dating back […]