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FARM TO TABLE CONNECTION. Route 7 Grill and Blue Hill.

My favorite pasttime is shopping at greenmarkets. To me, local farmer markets have the potential to create a positive reflection of the community… and who doesn’t love a tasty sample straight from the purveyor? So if you’re in the Berkshires, stop at the nearest farmers market. And if you happen to be there on a Saturday, you can stop by the […]


I BUTCHERED A PIG & I LIKED IT. Red Lion Inn, Stockbridge.

Chef Brian Alberg is the chef who brought the Berkshires to the Beard House. He started the Berkshire Cure-All Dinners five years ago and he is a massive supporter of local food in the Berkshires and Hudson Valley. Did you know he purchases $650,000/yr on local food from his farmers? That’s right. If you couldn’t tell, […]


THE MEAT MARKET, GB. Whole animals cured on-site.

Butchering meat is an art form. Since most people purchase their meat at supermarkets, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say most people don’t realize how much time, care and knowledge it takes to properly take apart an animal. In Great Barrington, MA there’s a butcher shop called The Meat Market and they specialize in […]