LML // Justine


BK CHEESE CAVES // cheese cultures with david asher

Cheese caves in New York? Who knew! I attended a Slow Food NYC event featuring homestead cheese maker David Asher, author of The Art of Natural Cheesemaking. David hosted a lecture in the Crown Finish Caves in Brooklyn, NY (not too far from the Franklin Ave stop). Checkout the photo story below to see what the […]


US OPEN 2015 // Federer vs Isner at arthur ashe stadium

I grew up watching tennis on TV with my Mom, but playing tennis was a whole other ball game. The idea of sprinting back and forth to get a yellow ball over the net in the burning hot sun gave me anxiety. It wasn’t the sport for me. I mean, I tried it with an open […]


LOLË WHITE TOUR // ten thousand yogis in central park

LOLË is an activewear company and they hosted a worldwide tour for yogis! #LOLEWHITETOUR events were held in NEW YORK, LOS ANGELES, PARIS, MONTREAL, TORONTO. I attended the NYC event on September 2, 2015! Cambodia is happening in 2016… in Angkor Wat! Pin It HOW DID IT WORK? Regular entry was complimentary and tickets were distributed through a […]