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Pure Leaf Brewery Event in New York

BEYOND TEA TIME // interview with pure leaf tea master

Pin It Tea is essential to my existence. I drink tea throughout the day regardless of the season. Hot or cold, tea is the perfect beverage for me. And if I can’t have tea, I resort to drinking hot water. Sad isn’t it? With that said, Pure Leaf Iced Teas hosted another amazing event at Gary’s Loft and […]

Chocolate Peanut Butter Tarts

PEAAAAAAANUTSSSS // get schooled on pb&j

I love peanut butter. Peanuts were my favorite childhood snack and they bring back really good memories. I remember crushing peanuts next to my Grandpa until the entire bag was empty; and I’m pretty sure peanut butter jelly was the first thing I “cooked” for my Mom (that or microwaved american cheese on white bread… but […]


SPRING HAS SPRUNG // thank gawd i love new york

Bruttle. New Yorkers survived yet another ridiculous winter in NYC and I’m so grateful for it to be over. I actually thought about relocating to LA and then I realized how much I’d miss NYC. Pin It Instead I decided that I will do my best to avoid NYC during the months of January, February and March for […]