Hong Kong

Worst Day of My Life

THAILAND :: BANGKOK SAVED MY LIFE // food poisoning in hong kong, two hour flight to thailand, air asia flew me to bangkok, entered sukhumvit soi 38, bed rest for four days, samitivej hospital

For those of you who follow me on twitter and facebook, you may have picked up that I was sick while traveling in Asia. BUT I didn’t have access to twitter and facebook (because I lost my iPhone in the humungeous city of Hong Kong on the same night I got food poisoning #badnewsbears)… so I apologize for […]

SHARK FIN: THE FORBIDDEN SOUP // mama ma says no to shark fin, what do you say??

In celebration of the holidays, I was invited to go out to eat with family friends. I knew to clear my plans because they already confirmed the reservation with the restaurant; however I found out later on that they weren’t calling to see how many people were attending, they were calling to confirm how much soup […]

HONG KONG :: 8 COURSE GROUPON DEAL // indian food, chai tea, and a never ending basket of naan bread

After our short visit to Big Wave Bay, we hopped into a bus, paid 13HKD cash (sorta shady since all buses take Octopus Card) and made it back to Chai Wan in 25 minutes (definitely worth the extra change)! When we got back to the station, Lior, Marc and I were on a mission to […]