Hong Kong

HONG KONG :: BIG WAVE BAY // bus ride to the outskirts of the city, surfers, water, mountains, groupon dinner

With little convincing, Lior, Marc and I took the metro to the furthest point on the metro, to take a 30-45 minute bus ride to Big Wave Bay. Let’s just say it was a hike. When we finally arrived, it was pure bliss. Who knew there were surfers in Hong Kong?? If we were better […]

HONG KONG :: FRESH STREET FOOD // vegetables, meat, treats, local eats at local prices

Outdoor Hong Kong market stalls are the source to good, clean, well-priced food. Can you see all of the fresh produce? The butchered meat straight off the animal? There’s something truly beautiful about the way they chop their veggies for display… I mean, it’s so effortless to them, but as an outsider I appreciate the […]

CHINESE DUMPLINGS IN HONG KONG WITH COUCHSURFERS + VIDEO // fried or steamed pork dumplings, served as a dish or in a bowl or noodles, mama ma’s family recipe

CouchSurfers from all over the world got together to taste some authentic Chinese Dumplings in Central (an area in the center of Hong Kong). We had an ambassador from London, a Parisian, an Indonesian, a Swed, me, and a local Hong Konger who showed us the way to a street filled with Dumpling Houses. For […]