ASHRAM LIFE // things people won’t tell you about ashrams

What is an ashram? Techinically, it’s a monastic community, or other place of religious retreat for Hindus. In this post I’m going to describe my ashram life experience in the 5W format: who, what, where, when, why… So first of all… lets start off with WHY anyone would stay at an ashram. During my travels I […]


SWEET KERALA // spirtual pilgrimage to southern, india

I went to India for 14 days, returned last week, and I am still jet-lagged. Such is life. Would love to share 9+ Things I Learned in India with you: AYURVEDIC FOOT MASSAGES // Not what you’re thinking, it’s WAY better. I signed up for a “foot massage” because my calves were killing me and I […]


THOUGHTS ABOUT MY TRIP TO INDIA // yoga, spices, elephants

GRATITUDE. I’m so grateful for yoga. And it may seem silly to be grateful for a popular form of exercise, but movement is medicine. Prior to yoga I used to experience uncertainty which lead to self-loathing, but now I feel so much self-love. Yoga has healed my stress, it keeps me balanced, agile, and its also helped […]