An ideal day in Luang Prabang: Waking up in my bungalow at Khoun & Khone’s and ordering a Laotion breakfast (a bowl of noodles, a baguette, or something to that effect) Then I’d head over to to teach English at Big Brother Mouse Relax at Utopia for lunch Bike tour around the town to visit temples  Climb Mount […]


LUANG PRABANG, LAOS :: GIVING BACK TO LAOTIANS // contribute to the red cross, volunteer at big brother mouse, donate money to the cause by my 27th birthday (oct 26)

Days after visiting the UXO Bomb Museum, I was still affected by the information I learned about the US military dropping bombs on Laos. Part of me felt responsible even though I wasn’t even born at the time, but I wanted to give back, I wanted help the people of Laos, but how? I honestly […]


LUANG PRABANG, LAOS :: NIGHT TIME ACTIVITIES // lao lao garden, hive bar, utopia, night market, travelfish, spicy laos hostel

Things you can do at night in Luang Prabang: 1. Go to Lao Lao Garden for an authentic Lao BBQ: When you sit down at the table, they remove the stone in the center and replace it with a fiery pit. On top of the pit is the silver plate where you cook the soup, vegetables […]