OVERALL :: KUALA LAMPUR, MALAYSIA // general info, religion, weather, food, transportation, party scene

General Info: KL is situated in the middle of jungle hence the warm climate and large variety of fruit KL is surprisingly posh and modern; multi-million hotels are popping up in the center of the city near the Petronas Towers However, when you drive outside of the city you will see natural waterfalls and gorgeous […]


MALAYSIA :: LYCHEE VS. RAMBUTAN // exotic fruit in SEasia, unknown jungle fruit to many, similarities & differences

I had planned on writing an entire post about my jungle fruit discoveries while traveling in Malaysia… but who likes re-inventing the wheel? Instead, you can check out this link to learn about the following fruit in SE Asia: Durian Purple Mangosteen Dragonfruit Tamarind Rambutan Lychee What I will talk about are the similarities and differences between a […]


MALAYSIA :: COOKING LOCAL EATS WITH COUCHSURFERS // ramen with veggies & shrimp, char kway teow, prawn mee soup

KL food enthusiasts came together thanks to a local CouchSurfer who opened her home for a night of cooking and fun! There were 5 of us in total and two CouchSurfing volunteers offered to make 1-2 dishes while the rest of us observed and questioned their work. On the menu? Chinese Ramen with Veggies Char Kway Teow […]