Malaysian Ingredients

MALAYSIA :: FAVORITE SNACK IN KL // handmade curry puffs, potato, curry, dough, double fried

Ok so, I have no clue where the video went for this post. I purposely stalked a plump guy, in a beanie and black shades, handrolling curry puffs in KL, Malaysia. It was kinda sorta amazing watching this guy in action because I would’ve imagined him as a guy smoking a pipe under a palm […]

Malaysian Roti

MALAYSIA :: BEST THING I ATE IN KL // handmade roti made by a guy in a hat and served by a girl in a scarf

This, my friends, was the BEST thing I ate in Malaysia. Handmade ROTI, I repeat, HANDMADE! What is roti?  Well, roti is generally known as a “South Asian bread made from stoneground wholemeal flour”. Depending on the country you’re in, it can differ in thickness, toppings and textures. In this case my Malaysian roti was thick, fluffy […]

Petronas Tower

MALAYSIA :: PETRONAS TOWERS // name reminds me of a spell in a harry potter book, the structure brings back memories of 9-11-01

Stunning aren’t they? As I stared up at the worlds tallest standing twin towers, unexpected flashbacks of 09-11-01 swarmed into my mind- busy telephone signals, screams, an overwhelming amount of blood donations, thick black fog lurking in the sky, and the American Flag flying across the WTC with the numbers 09-11-01… needless to say, I […]