Singapore Sling


After spending time in Cambodia & Vietnam, Singapore was exactly what I needed. A breath of cleanliness. Some people may argue that Singapore is too sterile. Some people say the country lacks culture due to the control of the government. Some people say its amazing. And well, there’s truth in all of those statements. Even […]

AirBnB Host

SINGAPORE : “BETTER INDIAN FOOD THAN INDIA” // suriya curry house, good prices & portions, friendly service, open-air, cafeteria style, didn’t have to go to india or little india

LML: “Singapore has BETTER Indian Food than India??” Jehan: (Nods Head) “Yeah, they do and if you want a comparision- it’s just as good as the Indian Food in London.” LML: “OMG. I need to check this out! Should I go to Little India??” Jehan: “You could… but I know a place that’s cheaper than the touristy Little […]

Ritz Artwork

SINGAPORE : RITZ HOTEL ON A RAINY DAY // blown glass, statues, sculpture, waterfalls and artwork i didn’t understand

In Singapore you can ride the Singapore Flyer… But on a rainy day, that kinda sucks. And on a really, really, rainy day like this one, it sucks being outside… even for a second. So instead of braving the rain, I ducked into the Ritz Hotel and took their artwork tour. It started like this… […]