CHIANG MAI VILLAGE, THAILAND :: COOKING IN THE JUNGLE // unsanitary, fire, pot, organic vegetables, fresh meat, curry, jungle style

Volunteering in the jungle is appreciated, and there’s something for everyone to do… it’s just a matter of finding that something! Personally, I had a difficult time figuring out where to help out: building bungalows (jungle huts) weren’t my forte digging holes for a bar went well for about 20 minutes and volunteering at a […]

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CHIANG MAI VILLAGE, THAILAND :: KAREN VILLAGES + HANDICRAFTS // volunteering turned shopping spree in the jungle

With little connection to city-life (meaning no cell phone reception, absolutely no internet connection, and man made roads that need a local to drive on), life is very simple; as a tourist you can go on a jungle trek, ride an elephant, forge a river, or soak in the landscape with your significant other. But […]


CHIANG MAI, THAILAND :: RIDING AROUND ON ELEPHANTS WITH BOYS // thrilling-exhausting experience, elephant bathing/riding, checked off the bucket list

Remember when I discussed modes of transportation in Chiang Mai? Well, I forgot one. A giant one. ELEPHANTS. However, elephants in Chiang Mai exist more for tourism than practicality. Locals told me that they keep the elephants just for visitors since they do not use them for work (lifting/transporting heavy objects) (they also said elephants […]