VIETNAM : FOOD & FRUIT IN HCMC // pho, banh xeo, snails, papaya, lime, meat, veggies

Tiger Beer

VIETNAM : TIGER BEER // $1.00 or less, popular beer, good any time of the day (at least thats what the people drinking with me said)

Tiger Beer is probably the most popular beer in SE Asia and depending on where you are it can be the cheapest, especially in Vietnam. Approximately 18,000 dong ($0.86- $1.00) which was the most I saw it priced for. The dark brown bottle was the normal lager version and the light version was the “crystal” […]

broken rice

VIETNAM : BROKEN RICE STREET FOOD // fried rice cooked in sections, grilled bbq pork, fav. street dish in vietnam

Broken rice? Ever heard of it? Me either. Friends who frequent Vietnam told me that Broken Rice is a must-have dish, but they didn’t tell me why. They just said it was “good”. So I started to wonder if its popular because of the flavor in the rice or if it was the texture? Is […]