SHE THINX. Everyone at Friendspire Fitness is wearing them.

For those of you who remember, I worked at lululemon. And I’m not sure if I told you this story, but I only applied for a job at lululemon because I loved the way my butt looked in their leggings (and I was 100% positive that I would get a discount on said leggings). HOWEVER, the […]


FLYBARRE WITH BRITSBARRE. Pulsing on another level.

There are certain things in life that scare me and one of those things is Flybarre. “The barre class for athletes.” lululemon introduced me to this studio last Winter and I was very reluctant to try it out, but I’ve been back several times ever since. ABOUT FLYBARRE: The class itself is described as a 55-minute interval-based class […]


SOULBANDS BY SOULCYCLE. Spinning with Summer Sanders.

If you follow me on Facebook and Twitter, you’ve heard about my obsession with SoulCycle. My friends and I take class all over the city, and always go to SoulCycle Tribeca for Emily Fawcett’s (@EmilySpinNinja) SOULBAND class! DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SOULCYCLE VS. SOULBANDS: Normal SoulCycle classes involve a 45 minute indoor spin ride synced with a ridiculous […]