Fhitting Room

THE FHITTING ROOM // classtivity, high intensity training, calistas

Remember when I tried Barry’s Bootcamp for the first time? Well, I thought that would be my first & last bootcamp class until I heard about The Fhitting Room. Everyone on the fitness scene is talking about getting “FHIT”, so I booked a class through Classtivity and made it to the UES at 9:00am to prep for […]

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NEW YORK, NY :: BARRYS BOOTCAMP // harley rodriguez, best workout in the world, sbc2013 confidence

Ever since the Sports Bra Challenge I’ve been on a power high; holding yoga positions that I thought were too strenuous for my body, spinning faster than my norm at SoulCycle, and challenging my mind and body to new experiences. So with that said, I did (my version of) the unthinkable. I committed to a sweat […]

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NEW YORK, NY :: VIDEO RECIPE + AQUA STUDIO NY // underwater spinning, soho, julia baggish, lml video #4 + raw vegan brownies

Prior to the Sports Bra Challenge, I was invited to test out a brand new studio in SoHo called Aqua. It’s a combination of my two favorite activities- swimming and spinning… put it together… underwater spinning! I’ve seen these bikes in Italy when I used to visit the termes (spas) in Abano (near Venice). If you […]