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COCHON 555: NEW PORC CITY WINNER & all the things…

So my friend Greg judged a little something called COCHON 555 last year and it’s all about promoting sustainable farming for heritage breed pigs (cochon is the french word for piglets and some other descriptions, the more you know). COCHON 555 originated 7 years ago and it’s a one-of-a-kind traveling culinary competition and tasting event – five chefs, five […]


CARLA HALL KICKSTARTER. Bring Southern Fried Chicken to NYC.

In the voice of Carla Hall, “Hey ya’ll! I’m not sure if you heard, but a Kickstarter campaign just launched for a fried chicken restaurant in NYC and it needs to be backed.” Pin It Chef Carla Hall of Top Chef and The Chew has decided it is time to open a restaurant. She’s serving […]


FRIED AND TRUE. What dreams are made of.

Summer is here and nothing says summer like fried chicken with friends. Pin It That’s right everyone. Fried & True by Lee Schrager hit bookstores this week, and you absolutely-positively-have-to-pick-up-a-copy. Like, right now. Pin It There’s food porn for days in the brand new Fried & True book, AND you’ll also find really good recipes to replicate. Think […]