NEW YORK, NY :: DINING TIP FROM SOUTHERN COTILLION // dining etiquette, southern hospitality, cotillion trick with hands, giveaway reminder

Speaking of southern hospitality, my friend @eatsweatwrite taught me a little dining tip that she learned while training for her cotillion in Birmingham, Alabama. Pin It In the photo above, @eatsweatwrite is making the following letters: “b” with her left hand “d” with her right hand Why? Well, if you’re sitting at a tight table and get confused […]

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NEW YORK, NY :: MIGUEL MENDEZ RAW FOOD WORKSHOP // miguel mendez, vegan raw food chef, atmananda yoga, chocolate raspberry tart, video & recipe

Raw food diets are trending as the latest craze, but I’ve been following Girl On Raw for the past few years. I love seeing her progression when she shares her recipes on FB & Twitter… photos of the food she sells at her local market in Saudi Arabia… notes about which juice her son likes […]

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NEW YORK, NY :: JBF MARCUS SAMUELSSON // harlem sensation dinner, steak tartar, teft ramen, red velvet cake 3000

I haven’t been in the kitchen that long, but out of all the Chefs I’ve ever worked with… this Chef is the most stylish of them all… Pin It Introducing Restaurateur, Celebrity Chef , Top Chef Master and Cookbook Author… Marcus Samuelsson! Pin It KITCHEN DUTIES: Cleaned & Shucked Oysters Grilled Limes Assisted Chef Marcus […]