DAN BARBER BLUE HILL // the industry got wastED

It’s about time this industry got wastED, and I’m not talking about alcohol (obviously). WastED is a program created by Chef Dan Barber of Blue Hill and Blue Hill Stone Barns. Chef Dan purchased the “ugly” non-restaurant quality bits from various, high quality sources to create 21 phenomenal dishes from May 13-31. See below for the full wastED description. […]


RED STAR TOTS & MORE: Don’t get off the “F” Train until Bergen St.

I’ve lived in Manhattan for years and rarely go into Brooklyn. My Dad warned me that anywhere in Brooklyn is considered the jungle… and well, it’s been a decade+ since my Dad has been on the scene, so I’m here to talk about my trip into “the jungle”. First off, the jungle does not exist. It’s full […]


PURE LEAF ICED TEAS: DIY with Gail Simmons & Camille Styles

My absolute favorite holiday is Thanksgiving (for obvious reasons). Anddd I’m not sure about your Thanksgiving responsibilities, however all I have to do is set the table, EAT, and enjoy my family’s company (BTW, I wouldn’t mind taking over kitchen duties this year, achem, MOM)! Since my only responsibility is to set the table (for now), this year […]