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NEW YORK, NY :: FRIDAY NIGHT DINNER // 1 of 6 head chefs tonight, persian palate, ngi, prep, excitement

Today feels like Christmas. Not because the weather is cold outside (it’s actually quite beautiful in NYC today), it’s because I’m too excited to sleep! Tonight is my debut as one of the Head Chefs for tonights Friday Night Dinner at my culinary school The Natural Gourmet Institute! #yay #unreal#omg I mean, I always wondered what […]

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NEW YORK, NY :: THE NEW PERSIAN COOKBOOK // louisa shafia, persian expert, ngi grad

TALKING ABOUT THE NATURAL GOURMET INSTITUTE: Three months ago, I was assigned to a group for my Friday Night Dinner which is happening this Friday on May 3rd, 2013. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Friday Night Dinner is a mandatory requirement in order to graduate from the Chef Training Program for all Natural Gourmet Insitute Students. […]

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NEW YORK, NY :: CHEF JUSTINE MA // chef, recipe tester, food writer, food event planner, food critic, food somebody

I almost made it an entire year without cutting myself in the kitchen… but it happened, and it happened today. I was brushing up on my garnishing skills in class when my paring knife pierced through a very ripe tomato and into my palm. I didn’t scream. I didn’t cry. I just looked down, assessed […]